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Boehlerit Fraeskatalog 2018

Grade Description Milling ● BCP20M (HC-P20) TERAspeed 2.0 Harder alternative to the BCP25M grade, with HR-CVD; high resistance to abrasive wear. Perfectly suited for face milling of steel materials at higher cutting speed under stable conditions. ● BCP25M (HC-P25/M25) Goldlox Multi porpose grade for milling unalloyed, low alloyed, high alloyed and stainless steel. The PVD coated grade is especially suitable for high cutting speeds on dry / wet machining under stable conditions. ● BCP30M (HC-P30) TERAspeed 2.0 Universal steel milling grade especially for face milling. The very tough carbide substrate guarantees high machining security on a wide range of steel materials. A modern HR-CVD coating ensures economic dry machining on high cutting speeds. ● BCP35M (HC-P35/M35) Goldlox Universal steel milling grade in combination with 90° approach angle. A PVD layer and a tough carbide grade for milling of the most usual steel qualities. Especially good suitable for dry milling at low to medium cutting speeds under difficult conditions. ● BCP40M (HC-P40/M45) Goldlox A PVD-layer plus heavy-duty carbide grade for roughing of mainly tool, heat-treated and case-hardened steel, as well as austenitic, stainless materials. ● BCM35M (HC-M35/S35) Wear-resistant PVD coating, fine-grain grade for machining stainless and austenitic stainless materials; suitable for wet and dry machi- ning. ● BCM40M (HC-M40) Extremly tough, relative fine grained carbide substrate with thin, smooth PVD coating. Ideal grade for milling of austenitic stainless steels and materials from the Duplex group with low to medium cutting speeds. Also for wet machining, although minimum coolant supply is recommended. ● BCK15M (HC-K15) TERAspeed 2.0 Selected raw materials for optimised K15 carbide substrate with a particularly hard and wear-resistant HR-CVD multi-layer coating. Ideal for dry machining of grey cast iron (GJL), spheroidal graphite cast iron (GJS), tempered cast iron and alloyed cast iron. ● BCK20M (HC-K20/P10) Tough K20 substrate and a thick PVD coating for the machining of cast materials. Also suited as finishing grade for steel cutting and the machining of cold work steels of 54 HRC. ● BCN10M (HC-N10/S20) Ideal grade for machining aluminium materials and other non ferrous metals. Due to the ultra-thin PVD TiAIN layer perfectly well suited for finishing stainless steels and grey cast iron. ● BCN15M (HC-N15) Grade for aluminium machining with our new „TiBN“ CVD coating. The layer has not only a big layer hardness but also a smooth surface. ● BWN10M (HW-N10) Uncoated grade for the machining of non ferrous metals and aluminium. ● BCS35M ( HC-S35) BCS35M is a grade with a well-balanced hardness thougnhness-relation. Because of its special composition and treatment of the binder phase, the high-temperature hardness is increased, which recommends BCS35M especially for machining of heat-resisting materials. The special wear-resistant coating exhibits little chemical affinity towards titanium, which causes a drastic reduction of material transfer from the work-piece to the cutting edge ● BCH03M Finishing of steel materials up to maximum 65 HRC, very stable environment conditions necessary Highly wear resistant submicron grade for application in highest cutting speeds. Extremely dense, microcrystalline and temperature stable PVD coating. ● BCH05M Grade for face and contouring operations with HFC and R insert tools of steel materials. HR-CVD coated Wear resistant submicron grade for a wide range of application with stable conditions. New nanostructured CVD coating with high red hardness and wear resistance. ● BCH10M Grade for the machining of steel materials in the area up to maximum 58 HRC, PVD coated Standard submicron grade for microcrystalline, wear resistant PVD coating. ● BCH23M For finishing and semifinishing of materials up to maximum 60 HRC Tough ultrafine carbide grade for good wear resistance and at the same time good breakage and cutting edge stability. Wear and temperature resistant PVD coating. ● BCH30M Universal grade for the machining of the most current materials Tough submicron carbide grade, breakage and crack resistant and at the same time good wear resistance, wide application range. Microcrystalline, stress-optimised PVD coating 135